Cook Mobile Home Communities

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Make yourself at home in a Cook manufactured housing community. Take comfort in knowing your neighborhood is well-maintained and enjoy the safety and security offered by Cook Properties.

What They Are

Manufactured housing communities give you all the perks of homeownership within a safe, clean, and well-managed neighborhood.

Find yourself swooning over the clean aesthetic of tiny homes? Not trying to dust un-used rooms or keep up with cleaning “guest” toilets? Consider a manufactured home instead!

Unlike site-built homes, manufactured homes are built in a factory before being transported and placed on land. Because they’re built using an extremely efficient process, the manufacturing savings are passed directly onto the home-owner. This results in a home of the same high-quality you’d expect from an on-site build without the wait times or extra cost.

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Why They’re Better

Living in a Cook Community gives you and your family a sense of belonging and stability.

Enjoy the benefits of a safe and clean neighborhood with privacy that you cannot get in an apartment building – for about the same price!

  • Enjoy being the only resident…no shared walls!
  • Make yourself at home – paint the walls, plant a garden, hang some shelves!
  • Park in your own driveway, right next to your house. (It makes grocery runs so much easier!)
  • Use your very own washer and dryer, in the privacy of your own home.
  • Feel like a valued, respected member of your community.

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How It Works

Cook Properties offers a variety of home options within our communities, including home ownership and rental options.

The process is simple. Apply for your residential community, get approved, work with our financing experts, move in! Typical to paying rent or a mortgage, residents pay “lot rent” each month, and in exchange, our team manages the community – including the enforcement of rules and regulations, and common area maintenance (roads, snow removal, landscaping, and more).

We offer outright home ownership, rental programs, or even rent-to-own credit programs to ensure that all of our residents can attain the level of ownership they desire. No matter which you go with, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be in a community of responsible residents just like you!

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