Why Rent When You Can Own?

Three Reasons to Purchase a Manufactured Home

#1 No Shared Walls!

We’ve all been there – you hop into bed after a long day, settle in for a good night’s rest – and there it is. What on earth is your neighbor doing!? Did they sign up for a tap-dancing class? Did they get a pet elephant? Who rearranges furniture at 11pm? In a manufactured home, the whole home is yours – and only yours! No shared walls, ceilings, or floors!

#2 Park Outside Your Own Door!

Picture this: You arrive back to your apartment complex with a boatload of groceries. You open your trunk, grab as many bags as you can, and start trekking across the parking lot to the main door – and down the hallway – and up the stairs – and down another hallway – you get the picture. In a manufactured home, you park right outside your door! It’s the little things, right?

#3 Freedom to Make It Your Own!

In an apartment, you need to keep everything exactly as is so you can get your security deposit back. No personality. No customization. No freedom of expression. When you purchase a manufactured home, you are free to paint the walls – hang shelves – plant some flowers – it’s your home! So ditch the double-sided tape and grab a hammer and picture hook. There’s no security deposit to worry about! This is your home!

Become a Part of a Community

What You Need to Qualify for Community Approval

We take pride in safe and clean communities with vetted residents to ensure a high quality of life for everyone who calls a Cook community their home.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “What do I need to get my community application approved?”

First, you’ll need to meet our income and credit score requirements. We currently require a minimum credit score of 525 for incoming residents. We measure credit scores with TransUnion. In order to ensure you are comfortably able to make payments for your lot rent, we require proof of household income that is 4x the lot rent for the community. This typically means you’ll need to earn about $550 a week, depending on the community you select to call home. If you do not meet financial requirements, there may be options for you, such as a co-signer. Talk to one of our sales agents for help.

Your community application will also include a background check, including criminal history.

All of Cook’s communities are pet-friendly. Residents are allowed two pets per household with prior consent and proof of rabies vaccination. Certain breed restrictions apply.

If you choose to rent your home, you’ll need a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent. If you’re purchasing your home, you’ll typically need a down payment to finance the home of about 5-10%. Of course, you can always purchase the home outright as well.

Our rules and regulations for community approval are in place to keep our communities great places to live and call home.