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Manufactured Housing FAQ

What exactly is a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes are built in a factory before being transported and placed on a land site. Since 1976, every manufactured home is built to federal building standards under the HUD code, which set construction standards for fire safety, structural integrity, heating, plumbing, electrical, and more.

What makes them more affordable?

The affordability of manufactured homes is a direct result of the highly efficient building process. The controlled construction environment and assembly line techniques remove problems encountered during traditional home construction, such as weather, theft, vandalism, and damage to building materials. Manufacturers purchase large quantities of materials, products, and appliances, resulting in substantial savings that are passed directly to the homebuyer.

What are the benefits to buying a manufactured home over renting an apartment?

Manufactured homes often cost less than renting and offer privacy, yard space, door-side parking, and pride of ownership. No more long trips to your door carrying groceries from a communal parking lot – or loud music blasting from the upstairs neighbors. The home is yours and yours alone – paint the walls, plant a garden, hang some shelves!

Why Choose a Cook Community?

We take an active role in the management of our communities to ensure they offer a clean and safe environment to call home. Our in-house property managers and on-site maintenance technicians are friendly and helpful. Cook communities offer a sense of belonging where you are a valued and respected member of your neighborhood.

Pet-Friendly Communities

Residents in all Cook Communities are allowed up to two pets per household. We do have certain breed restrictions and require pet owners to provide up to date vaccination records and license information.

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