Jeff Cook

Managing General Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Cook

General Partner & President

Scott Mulcahy, CPA, CFE

Chief Financial Officer

Courtney Janto

Chief Operating Officer

Kristy Ioele

Sr. Human Resources Manager

Irene Sale

Controller / Director Of Finance

Cathy Donahower

Senior Accounting Manager

Maxwell Dowd, CPA

Director of Acquisitions

Amy Olds

Director of Marketing

James Worboys

Analyst - Acquisitions

Katie Inkin

Associate Director of Operations

Jim Cummings IV

Sr. Regional Property Manager/ Project Manager

Don Boylan

Regional Property Manager - Storage

Kate Myers

Regional Property Manager

Katie Simmons

Regional Property Manager

Syrica Newton

Regional Property Manager

Yania Gonzalez

Regional Property Manager

Susan Vermeire

Regional Property Manager

Nicole Carroll

Regional Property Manager

Tina Close

Accounts Receivable

Sandra Gafford

Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Joyce

Accounts Payable

Nicole Kleeh

Senior Staff Accountant.

Natalie Santillo

Accounts Payable

Maintenance Team

Mike Alward – Senior Site Manager
Karl Kern – Maintenance Technician
Chris Kephart – Maintenance Technician
Kyle Slyter – Maintenance Technician
Joe Tambe – Regional Maintenance Supervisor
Neven DeSmith – Maintenance Technician
Stanley Hentry – Maintenance Technician
William Molina Sr. – Maintenance Technician
Richard Brand – Maintenance Technician
Virgil Carson – Maintenance Technician
Joe Black – Maintenance Technician
Peter Privitema – Maintenance Technician