Jeff Cook

Managing General Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Cook

General Partner & President

Scott Mulcahy, CPA, CFE

Chief Financial Officer

Courtney Janto

Chief Operating Officer

Kristy Ioele

Director of Human Resources

Irene Sale

Controller / Director Of Finance

Cathy Donahower

Senior Accounting Manager

Maxwell Dowd, CPA

Director of Acquisitions

Amy Olds

Director of Marketing

James Worboys

Analyst - Acquisitions

Katie Inkin

Associate Director of Operations

Jim Cummings IV

Sr. Regional Property Manager/ Project Manager

Don Boylan

Regional Property Manager - Storage

Kate Myers

Regional Property Manager

Syrica Newton

Regional Property Manager

Yania Gonzalez

Regional Property Manager

Susan Vermeire

Regional Property Manager

Nicole Carroll

Regional Property Manager

Katie Simmons

HUD & Occupancy Coordinator

Tina Close

Accounts Receivable

Sandra Gafford

Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Joyce

Accounts Payable

Nicole Kleeh

Senior Staff Accountant.

Natalie Santillo

Accounts Payable

Maintenance Team

Mike Alward – Senior Site Manager
Karl Kern – Maintenance Technician
Chris Kephart – Maintenance Technician
Kyle Slyter – Maintenance Technician
Joe Tambe – Regional Maintenance Supervisor
Neven DeSmith – Maintenance Technician
Stanley Hentry – Maintenance Technician
William Molina Sr. – Maintenance Technician
Richard Brand – Maintenance Technician
Virgil Carson – Maintenance Technician
Joe Black – Maintenance Technician
Peter Privitema – Maintenance Technician

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