Not enough affordable housing? What about mobile homes?

Manufactured homes — or mobile homes as they are often called — provide inexpensive housing. Some housing advocates would like to see more such homes, given their affordability and the generally high quality of the current generation of manufactured homes.

New manufactured homes are much less expensive than traditional stick-built homes. 

Most mobile home residents don’t own the land they live on. They rent it. 

The vast majority of our residents appreciate the upgrades in the communities and understand that the rates we charge are in line with the local market level. Since most residents own their own homes, they also appreciate the fact that should they choose to sell their home to an incoming resident, they can command a higher price since the community looks better due to capital improvements. 

Some housing experts argue the country should encourage resident-owned manufactured housing developments, given the low cost and quality of the homes these days. It’s going to be more affordable than most rentals.  Not to mention the mortgage payment on a traditional home.

It’s an affordable source of affordable housing — even more affordable than some federally subsidized affordable housing programs like Section 8 vouchers or public housing. 

It’s a place where you can plant your two feet, call your home and raise your children or just yourself and still afford to do things.  


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