Benefits of Investing in Mobile Home Parks

Investing in mobile home parks could be your most profitable investment outlet in today’s market.  In a suffering economy, finding a lucrative investment is essential.  While real estate is generally thought to be a solid investment, there are not a lot of homes being purchased.  In the current state of our economy, more people are interested in renting a home than buying one.  In this article, we will not only discuss the benefits of a mobile home park investment.

Benefits of a Mobile Home Park Investment

Minimal Competition

Let’s face it:  When people think of mobile homes they conjure up the most stereotypical images of run-down trailer parks with a substandard way of life.  While there are definitely certain mobile home parks which uphold this stereotype, there are many more which offer a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle.  What people fail to consider about mobile home parks is that the owner of each park is raking in thousands of dollars a month on lot rent alone.


Quick and Reliable ROI

No matter the capital to invest yourself, your net income will sufficiently reimburse you with profit left over.  The more lots that are available to accommodate mobile homes, the higher your monthly revenue becomes. Mobile home parks had a 12% increase in commercial property value when a majority of other commercial real estate asset classes struggled in 2020, making it a safer market segment to invest in. Working with our skilled team we can find the right investment strategy that meets your financial goals.


Finding an Investment Opportunity

While investing in mobile home parks can be quite lucrative, actually getting into the market can prove to be quite challenging.  You may be lucky enough to find a mobile home park that is up for sale; but generally speaking, you have a ton of homework and research to conduct in order to find a good opportunity.  Traditionally, there have been 2 options:  Purchase an already operational mobile home park or purchase land and however many trailers you can afford to put on the land.

However, because we are the owners responsible for the parks you never have to worry about the stress of operating and maintaining the park. You get to live you life as we make your money grow over time.

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Original article by American Apartment Owners Association


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