5 Best Real Estate Investing Books in 2019:

1. “Your First 365 Days in Real Estate,” by Shelley Zavitz

Shelley Zavitz is a successful Portland, Ore., real estate agent who started in real estate relatively late. Knowing how hard it is for those starting out to turn their license into a profitable business, she is now dedicated to helping others on the same journey. As she says, “the first 365 days of working in real estate can be one of the most tumultuous times in your career. Just because you have a license, doesn’t mean you have a business.” In this, her first book, she explains what to expect the first year of your career; how to implement systems that will impact your business in the next 90 days; how to build a marketing plan; and why surrounding yourself with the right people is essential.

2. “Real Estate Investing for Beginners,” by Michael Ezeanaka

The best-selling author of “Affiliate Marketing,” Michael Ezeanaka has written another book, this time on 10 different ways you can make money with real estate, with a step-by-step analysis of business models that have potential to earn passive income. The liquidity, scalability, potential return on investment, passivity and simplicity of each is explored. Among the methods discussed are: how to make money with real estate investment trusts, how a real estate investment group works, how to become a limited partner, how to protect yourself as a general partner, why tax lien certificates are the most secure investments and how to diversify your portfolio of tax lien certificates, as well as strategies you can employ to earn passive income.

3. “Real Estate at a Crossroads: The Insider’s Guide for Agents, Brokers and Execs,” by Gregory Charlop

Author Gregory Charlop is the founder and host of “The Real Estate Flash” on Alexa. His daily show features news, market trends and interviews. An expert in senior housing, Charlop is also a physician. After observing how difficult it is for seniors and the disable to find “reasonably priced homes near friends and family,” Charlop founded Dignified Housing Inc. “Real Estate at a Crossroads” is as much a real estate book as a book about technology, and features interviews with eighteen real estate leaders. The book, written for agents, brokers, executives or “anyone considering a career in real estate,” shows how the industry is changing and how technology can help investors do well.

4. “The Super Simple Home Buyers Handbook,” by Timothy L. and Clint T. Carver

This book, which is less than 60 pages, is by a real estate agent and professional educator, Timothy L. Carver, who also has written a weekly real estate column in a local newspaper. He has completed special training in helping clients find long-term investment properties, and has experience in building and remodeling, as well as developing and selling subdivisions. Inside this guide, readers will find a step-by-step checklist, a wish list, definite do’s and don’ts, tips for touring a home, simple definitions and helpful resources including links to information on loans, credit reports, grants and schools.

5. “The Book on Negotiating Real Estate,” by J Scott, Mark Ferguson and Carol Scott

This book, by three expert real estate investors, claims to be “the only book you’ll need to ensure you’ll get the most deals – and the best deals – on all of your investment property!” The book, aimed at real estate investors and agents at any level, details all aspects of the real estate negotiation process, from the first interaction with a buyer or seller to renegotiating the contract after unexpected issues arise, to last minute concessions at closing.

6. “Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate,” by James Kandasamy

The author of this book has more than four years of multifamily real estate experience, and six years of experience in real estate overall. He is the principal in Achieve Investment Group – a vertically-integrated real estate company, engaged in multifamily acquisition, asset management, property, and construction management. If you’re a passive investor who wants to be smarter and in syndicated commercial real estate, specifically multifamily real estate, this book may be for you. It breaks down barriers of knowledge “cocoon” in different groups while revealing hidden secrets on how to achieve massive success in commercial real estate. Covered in this book are nuances of getting started, aspects of different deals, choosing the right deal sponsors, risk management, market cycles, investment process, investment metrics and capital sources.

7. “Real Estate Investor: 2 Manuscripts: How to Invest in Real Estate, Rental Property Investing,” by Eddy Moore

Eddy Moore, the author, inherited several real estate properties upon his father’s death. After some errors due to inexperience, he has developed experience in the real estate business. In the first book, Moore shows how to make profit from buying and selling properties to finance investments, and strategies to follow to create steady business. In the second, he teaches the basics about rental real estate, and how to maximize rental income. According to the author, by reading both books, you can learn what elements are necessary to be a successful investor in real estate and how to manage rental property, to make profit from passive income.

8. “Real Estate Investing Secrets: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Create a Passive Income from Apartments and Commercial Real Estate,” by Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell, a Wisconsin native, has been working in real estate for the past 20 years. His goal in writing books is to help others with their own investments, teaching them how to avoid common pitfalls and make money as well. According to Mitchell, some of the wealthiest people on the planet made their money through investing in real estate. He points out it is one of the few ways an investor is almost guaranteed a return. “And for those who would like to earn a passive income while having the least to do, it can be the perfect choice.’

9. “House Rehab: for Real Estate Flipping,” by Jordan Riches

According to author Jordan Riches, real estate is “The King” of all investments. Massive profits can be gained with a little knowledge about sales with a house and all sorts of other properties. This book is intended to help readers understand all the tips and tricks of “house flipping,” and how to understand the basics of real estate evaluation and re-evaluation – “even if you start from zero.” Among the tips Riches discusses is how to buy a property with no money down.

10. “New Rules of Real Estate Investing,” by Chris Prefontaine

Chris Prefontaine, an industry leader in the lease-purchase, owner financing and subject-to-terms business, shares his secrets from more than 25 years in real estate that he contends can be applied to any niche. Along with his son, Nick, and son-in-law Zach Beach, Chris Prefontaine offers easy-to-follow advice for starting or scaling your real estate business. He also has Joe Fairless, AirBnB innovator Brian Page, and a host of other industry leaders share their wisdom, compassion, and proven formulas for success in business and in life.

11. “Real Estate Investing for Beginners,” by Tony Toson

Of all the potential investment vehicles these days, the most popular is real estate.Tony Toson promises in this book to provide you with all you need to know about real estate investing in a simple way to help both beginners and experienced investors “learn the nitty-gritty of the business.” According to Toson, since everyone is looking for a place to live, shelter being a common human necessity, demand for real estate is a relative constant. You will learn about wholesaling and “flipping” houses; you will also learn the difference between commercial real estate and retail property investing, and other concepts such as turnkey, REIT investing, vacation and apartment rentals. Having learned the different intricacies, you will learn different ways to earn passive income through real estate investing. “It is one of the most lucrative retirement plans, especially if you turn it into a long-term business whose returns you can enjoy in old age,” Toson writes.

12. “How to Invest in Real Estate,” by Robert Waller

Robert Waller has written about how to make real estate properties an investment option to create a lucrative passive income. This book includes information on financing options, investment strategies, and how and why to research the right location to invest in your property. It also will explain the steps to take before investing; how the real estate market in the area is trending, the different property types you can purchase, and which investment strategy will complement your investment goals.

13. “Blueprint: The Agent’s Guide to Building a Thriving Real Estate Business,” by Gary Creath and Chris Scott

Co-authors Garry Creath, the cofounder of The Paperless Agent, a real estate listing expert agent, and a real estate tech startup adviser, has more than 20 years of real estate sales experience, and Chris Scott, a digital and real estate marketing expert at The Paperless Agent, who hosts weekly webcasts to an audience of 4,000 real estate professionals every month, wrote this book after realizing it is easy to forget “you’re not just selling real estate, you’re running a business.” Recognizing that the majority of training agents receive is focused on regulations and legal issues, not on sales, marketing and financial savvy, the pair wrote this book to change that. In this book, they show investors how to develop a solid business plan, set long-term and short-term goals, research a potential market, structure and track finances, and more.

14. “The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate,” by David Dodge and Mike Sloan

The book is written as a guide to a step-by-step process of wholesaling and provides readers with tools and tactics to be successful with low risk and high reward. The co-authors have “flipped” over 250 deals in three years, and hope to teach readers every tip and trick they learned along the way. The two authors have extensive experience wholesaling real estate, fixing and flipping properties, managing properties, building a massive rental portfolio, and brokering real estate. The book is intended to help readers find, analyze, finance and wholesale deals with little to no money of their own.

15. “The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Finding & Investing in Off-Market Real Estate,” by Liran Koren

Liran Koren, an active high-volume investor in Florida and co-founder of Luxury Property Care, wrote this book to be a step-by-step, “how-to” blueprint “to build a multi-million dollar real estate empire from scratch.” In it, Koren contends he treats readers like one of his clients, taking them through “every bit of minutia” from pre-purchase preparation to final closing, “with real world data drawn from some of the dozens of investments” he is currently involved with – “not idealized examples from the past.” He notes the key to lasting success is “being able to sniff out hidden equity in off-market homes before anyone else.



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